Trying to add a new receptacle for vent hood

So I’m glad to join but new to the forum, and have a question been noodling around for over a week without success.
House has a circuit which includes the following (in order): an outlet at the range, a junction box with a simple two gold screw switch and outlet in the same box, and two outlets which are fed from this junction box. One is fed via Romex to an outlet serving the vent hood, the other goes from the junction box to a garbage disposal outlet below the sink. Pretty simple setup, or so I thought.

We have just added a vent hood but need to wire an outlet. The easiest route was to take off the junction box with a 12/3 Romex cable a few feet. The switch used to control the garbage disposal: flick up, on, down, off. Simple.

Unwiring this junction box and trying to add the vent hood outlet has proved my undoing as now I can’t figure out how to get the switch to cooperate on the switch AND power the vent hood outlet continuously. There’s a button on the hood which engages the fan so power should be constant to the outlet.

I tried for a while the other night to diagram this out. Do I need a four-screw switch (known as a four-way I believe)? Not really sure which direction to take here, but seems like I’m missing something fairly simple. Any advice appreciated.

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