Roofing Repairs Gone Bad?

Good Afternoon!

I am just posting to get some opinions. I recently had a small issue when a storm came through and ripped up some of my flashing that connected the roof to the car port. It caused a small(think quarter size) wet spot in the kitchen so I called out a roofing company to fix the flashing since I feel I’d probably make it worse doing it myself!

So long story short they caused a MUCH bigger leak on a whole different section and have had to come out 4 times since initial repair for a shoddy job. This last time I got up on the roof before a storm was coming in just to check things out and here is what I found and what im seeking opinion on.

They basically bent up the shingles and put a bunch of tar under them which you can see from the crease marks. The roof is only about 4 years old so prior to them getting up there everything looked good. Where it looks wet on the shingles is actually silicone. They put black tar under the last set of shingles then just siliconed everything on top.

Will this hold? I don’t have a clue but it feels like this is just a temporary fix that will break next time this Texas heat warms everything up and it no longer sticks to the metal/shingles. Should I have a different company out and basically just rip off that last 1 or 2 layers and replace the shingles?

Thanks for any feedback!

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