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Plumbing and Heating Advice

Outside shut off?

I have to try to fix a leak in the main indoor shutoff valve at my daughter’s house that I have to close to work on the shower valve in […]

Bottle trap disaster

Hello. I bought two beautiful vanities but when my contractor opened them he told me that they would not fit our bathrooms because the existing bottle traps are too low […]

How many items on a 2″ vent?

I’m looking at a job in a lake cabin in the northern part of the state. Complete gut on an old bathroom, switch the wc to the other side of […]

Basement Plumbing project

I am adding a bathroom in a addition I built and there will be a kitchen above it. I just want to make sure I am doing everything correctly/best practice […]

Boxwood Hedge

I would like to plant a Boxwood hedge along the west-facing wall of my garage in western PA. I would like to keep it <3 feet tall. Is there a […]

Best practice for adding insulation to exterior of home?

I have an small addition (9′ x 20′) in my home that’s ~50 years old that I’m in the process of rehabbing. 2×4 framing with T&G sheathing is the only […]

Grounding AL wired outlets

Hello all, Discovered this forum whilst searching for some answers about some other wiring stuff and thought you all might be a great resource. I recently bought a home that […]

Left battery impact driver out in rain

I Left my Bosch 18 V. battery impact driver out in the rain, standing upright, and it is now dead. Is there any hope? And what is my course of […]

Drain in shower

I have one of those drains that you push down it it keeps the water in the tub and to release it you again push it down and the water […]

Aluminum oxide sand cloth

All the sand cloth that I use it aluminum oxide. Until recently I never gave it a second thought. There is a strong link between Alzheimer’s and aluminum in the […]