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Plumbing and Heating Advice

Climbing frame advice

Hello experienced DIYers. To be honest I’m after some free advice… Unhappy with the climbing frames on offer for gardens (and the price of even small commercially available ones), I […]

Position of water mains pipe?

i am changing my water mains pipe, and its position. It was in the back of the garage however I am changing it to the front of the garage. Now […]

Opening up chimney breast.

Hi there, I’ve recently opened up a chimney breast, and installed a lintel to support it. However this revealed an internal brick partition which separates the flue for my fire […]

Best poly for exterior door

I am finishing up restoring a queen anne exterior door. I was going to use helmsman spar urethane to seal it but I have been reading it dries yellow sometimes […]

Is this fireplace worth anything?

Apparently it’s lead. That’s all I know…

Tool Boxes for Service/Repair?

I searched the forum for tool box threads, but nothing came up. I bought 2 new boxes from bLowes and they fell apart within a week. Anyone have the perfect […]

Installing AC Through Finished Basement

Hi all, I need to run new 12AWG AC to a new breaker (for a new gas range). My base is all sheetrock finished (ughhh) except for where I tore […]

My first camera

As much as I wanted to go with ridgid and A.J Coleman off the bat I just couldn’t swing it. The last $3k was beyond my limits, and at the […]

Help with crushed limestone parking pad

We recently had a new crushed limestone parking pad out in beside our garage. It was installed for the purpose of holding a new camping trailer (small 800lbs) and our […]

Leaking tap tail? Solutions?

I installed a new tap, and checked for leaks around all connectors, it was all dry for a few weeks, so I assumed all was well. I have just realised […]