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Plumbing and Heating Advice

Amtico Floor help

Hi i’m after some advice on how i can restore or salvage my amtico flooring in the kitchen. We had a white plastic mat on the floor in which we […]

No water in the toilet

Hi, my toilet want fill up with water, from reading various posts, i think the problem is the inlet value probably needs replaced from this thread ( I have got […]

Something that has been annoying me for a while……

….has clearly been annoying others for longer!

Staircase headache

Building Control are chewing my balls about the staircase landing so you walk into the slope of the roof. Even though I have 2m headroom at landing point and 1.8 […]

Disconnect oldcondensation unit

Hi all Just brought new place. Flat has a condensation/dehumidifier unit in the bedroom (this was before they installed double glazing, extractor fan, etc); makes a tonne of noise; connected […]

Smart meters not compatible with underfloor heating

Hi, My gas supplier called me the other day to discuss the possibility to install a smart meter. I was told that because I have underfloor heating the current smart […]

Shower tiling advice

hi all, I’m tiling a new shower and looking for some professional advice on best practice and what will look best. Shower tray is 1400 x 900 and I have […]

Fire doors shape

Hi all, For my loft conversion the main door into the bedroom will either need to be pretty narrow 600 or have the corner shaved off a 686 As this […]

Immersion heater trouble

Hi, I would be grateful for any advice. My hot water system at home consists of peak and off peak immersion heaters. I replaced the ‘peak’ immersion heater around a […]

Plinth Lights – Cut Plug Off to wire to junction box?

Hi All, I have some plinth lights with the following 12v Transformer with a plug on the end.…49&var=580368379981&ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT My Electrictian has put in a FCU on the wall from […]