No water after power outage

Last night after some storms came through, we noticed that our water had stopped working. I checked the breaker in the garage, which had not been tripped, but I shut if off and then on again to be sure.

I then looked under the stairs where the water line comes into the house, we have a VFD type system that uses a Subdrive 75 unit with a small tank. The first thing I noticed was that the green power light on the Subdrive is not illuminated.

We bypassed the Subdrive unit by removing it from the system, but still got no water. Based on this I am assuming that lightning may have damaged the well pump. But I also suspect the Subdrive unit is also no good since the power light no longer illuminates. There is power from the garage side where the breakers are to the Subdrive, but no power going from the Subdrive to the pump. This was why we bypassed the Subdrive to see if the pump still worked.

Anything else to check? or from the sounds of things am I facing replacing both the pump and the subdrive unit. If I have to replace both, should I just go back to using a conventional type system? Are there other options to look at?

Being without water sucks! especially with 2 adults and 3 kids in the house!!