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Reply To: What is the best brand of boiler

The existing boiler is Ferroli which i have never heard of. How much is it going to be to swap it roughly? I am on quite a tight budget. There […]

What is the best brand of boiler

Hello, need some advice, we have just taken ownership of a two bed flat. The current boiler is a combi I think? Fires up when I turn the hot water […]

Reply To: Alternatives to storage heaters.

I wouldn’t bother with eko-rads as the claimed benefits are way exadurated. Try the far infrared. You can get a 10yr warranty on these products from infared for homes

Reply To: New build boiler with immersion heater tank

Check the hot water cylinder thermostat if this is defective then the boiler will heat up the cylinder constantly, also check the settings on the programmer as this turns the […]

Reply To: Electricity versus Gas for heating my home

I can definately recommend Storage Heaters for spring time and summer. I also use a couple of cheap convector fan heaters in the Autumn/December. Because I probably only need the […]

Reply To: Is Infrared heating any good?

solid fuel masonry stoves work well with infrared heaters whilst producing infrared radiant heat themselves – has more info