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long runs swa

went to a cable fault today the run was about 240 meters and looked like 25mm 3 core would that have been made in 1 length or jointed. Trenching or […]

How to shut off mains water in kitchen

I need to turn off my mains water. I presume this is the valve im looking for. Shall i use a wrench to shut the valve or buy something? *help* […]

Thinking of building a garden office

Can’t afford a 10K build and was thinking of building a single story SIPS structure about 5m x 2.5M using Kingspan TEK panels or similar thinking I can cut them […]

Zinsser BIN & treating knots (or Bullseye 123)

I’ve used BIN before. Bit (or rather a lot) of a P.I.T.A to work with but it did the job well when i used it. I painted the doorframes which […]

grounding question – hd antenna

I put up a small HD antenna (Clearstream 2v) on the side of the house. Its has a small mast and bracket similar to what you see on a dish […]

Adjusting the fan speed on an air handler

I have a Goodman air handler. When it’s in heating and cooling mode, the fan speed is great. I can feel plenty of air while standing under the registers. But […]

cut into hardiebacker wall and slide shower tray in?

Hello all, we’ve been having an ongoing saga with our loft bathroom. The new stud walls were built out of square by the loft company. The corner walls are more […]

Shower fixture

I am installing a new fixture in the shower. For the shower head there is a piece of chromed, bent pipe threaded on both ends. One end attaches to the […]

Testing a motor…

Hello, I am repairing a faulty flymo lawnmower. Ground to a halt one day without warning. I have checked the cable and microswitch (although not internally yet) and both seem […]

How to clean this mold?

So we’ve had this in our basement ever since we bought the house about 5 years ago. We did have poor grading outside the foundation and that has since been […]