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My 27Kw Real Time Energy Usage...

My 27Kw Real Time Energy Usage…

Just though I would see how much Power and Current I could pull with all my devices in my house switch on. Photo below is from the dashboard of my […]

Disconnecting ancient bell box safely

Hi all, Going to disconnect an ancient old bell box tomorrow and mount a dummy box in the same place for now. No worries to damaging any wires as the […]

Best way to get under flooring without a saw.

I found these on a FB group.

Hot water pilot goes out when running the AC.

I have a strange situation going on. When I run my central air, within a few a day or so the pilot light on my hot water tank goes out. […]

Dripping noise in loft, any advice?

Hi all, as iv mentioned in previous threads iv just bought a new house and the plumbing/heating systems don’t seem the best. I have been having issues with banging pipes, […]

Mdpe 25mm pipe delivered with scuffs. Should I return?

I am fitting a new mains water pipe under the lead replacement scheme. I had a mdpe pipe delivered and it had some scuffs outside. I am going through a […]

Megaflo water heater not working

Heatrae Megaflo type with 2 heater elements and 2 separate programmers. After a thunderstorm (coincidence?) last week the megaflo water heater stopped working. The circuit breaker did not trip out […]

No water after power outage

Last night after some storms came through, we noticed that our water had stopped working. I checked the breaker in the garage, which had not been tripped, but I shut […]

Recoat time & ‘next stage’ time?

Looking on the tins i have it’ll say recoat time – 45mins, 4 hours etc etc. I’m just wondering if ‘next stage’ time is considered to be the same thing […]

Bay window curtain track

Does anyone know a good product to use for bay windows. Mine are rectangular bays, so the angles are 90 degrees. Can i get track where you pull a curtain […]