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Overflow pipe attached to my bath

Overflow pipe attached to my bath

Hi can anyone offer any advice? I have two over flow pipes outside of my bathroom. One attached to my toilet. One attached to my bath pipes (somehow). Last night […]

Leak from recently fitted BSM

My bro had a Mira Excel bath/shower mixer fitted a few months back by a – cough – well known plumbing co. in London. The guy took over 2 hours […]

Dishwasher trips breaker when plugged into power

Looking for a bit of advice. My 9yo Blanco dishwasher immediately trips the RCD/GFCI as soon as it is connected to the power outlet, happens regardless of whether the front […]

HDPE supply pipe

We have what I think is HDPE supply pipe supplying our water outside; it is black and kind-of flexible but quite rigid… The fittings are gray barb fittings that are […]

Must my new boiler be erp compliant?

I’m just shopping around for a new boiler and noticed that the Baxi ecoblue advance (10 years warranty) is a lot cheaper if non-erp compliant. After searching many websites I […]

Question on C-wire hookup in 2-transformer setup

I have a hydronic hot water boiler in the basement which serves the entire house, and a Trane 4TEExxx model air handler in the basement (which serves the first floor) […]

Light fixture not working. Changed out fixture same issue

I’m having issues with a bathroom light fixture. The bathroom only contains a toilet and sink no tub or shower. I have seen water dripping from the fixture when it […]

Howdy from The Mojave Desert, in California

Hello, glad to be here. Hope to learn a few things, pick some brains, and possibly share a few of my experiences. 1980, Started pushing a shovel for a main […]

How to Plumb Condensate Drain for Hybrid Water Heater

Hello all, I have searched but not really found any info I am comfortable using without an opinion first. My girlfriend and I just purchased our first home so we’re […]

Pipe sizing for water softener with 3/4″ pex water main. Outdoor depth.

1. My main water line is 3/4″. I’m going to tap into it right before it enters the house. Is there any advantage to having all the pex piping after […]