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Boarding out storage area in loft conversion... is this normal?

Boarding out storage area in loft conversion… is this normal?

View attachment 99890 I am boarding out the storage section of my loft and have seen that the loft conversion company has made the waste pipe fit by cutting a […]

Loft eave storage ventilation

All, Need some advice on loft eaves storage, does it need to be ventilated, if not will i get mold??

A beer? Sure a beer is good anythime.

Don’t know if I can post this because its a Facebook item. Looks like something I might try. 😀 [SIZE=2]…4417161181561/[/SIZE]

Identifying tube light fitting brand for diffuse

We have 6ft twin T8 tube lights and need to purchase diffuses for them. We have tried calling round a few places selling diffuses at the right size and are […]

Best Tool for cutting a metal shed up

Hello I need to take apart an old green house I need to cut it up so I can fit it in my car. I am looking for a cheap […]

Interior Satin Paint – to go water-based or not?

We will shortly be going through the house re-doing the woodwork. Most will be new wood which I will obviously prepare properly. Before the EU change the spec of oil […]

Which Makita combi and impact? Plus bits q

Needed for general DIY around the house eg handing pictures, curtain rails, fences. Need to drill into concrete and brick for some of the above. I’ve been looking a lot […]

Can i use plusnet router to extend bt infinity range?

I’ve just moved into a new place but the phone socket is in the office as far as possible from the tv and the youview box. I have plugged an […]

I know I’m overweight, but….…_UL160_SR160,160_&refRID=X94W7GKADBZMNR4AG6N9 Small, Large and……English?????????

Radiator valves

Hi all, We have recently moved into a new but older house and was wondering if I could get a bit of advice regarding radiators, in particular the valves. I […]