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Driveways and drainage

Driveways and drainage

Hi all, My wife and I decided to add a driveway with dropped kerb to our house this year, as well as a pathway and patio. We were quoted by […]

Dent on copper pipe

Hi, I am redecorating and will be laying down a laminate floor. My 15mm radiator pipes are located horizontally above the floor. When I was sanding the old paint on […]

Heating and hot water for granny annexe

Hi – I’m really sorry if this has been posted before but these forums are extensive!! We are building an annexe in our back garden, about 20m away from the […]

Flashing help

My kitchen is a single story building (old pic below). Where the roof joins the main house there is a concrete fillet (I think thats what it is called) which […]

Paint cracked over caulk

hi my husband has recently has recently papered our little boys room with a thick insulating paper as he was a really cold outside wall. He’s caulked the gaps then […]

Please can anyone help identify this hinge?!

We are in the process of mending a kids toy kitchen but have come across an issue with some broken hinges which we can’t find replacement’s for (not helped by […]

Remedy chipped floor tile (moved from discussion)

Hi – I have a chipped area on a kitchen floor tile – see image – which I would like to stop from getting bigger. Are there any products out […]

Wood Burner 4″ liner

Hello We have just had a wood burner salesman look at the burner in our recently purchased house. He has told us it can’t be used as it isn’t defra […]

Is it worthwhile having an dedicated AV circuit ?

I am having the living room re-wired soon as part of renovation works. Would it be worthwhile having a dedicated radial circuit installed to service all of the AV equipment? […]

erection of a building – definition

I would be grateful for an opinion on the following. The owner of a Bungalow has used a “Householder” application to gain permission to “extend” his dwelling. The roof is […]