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Pex Waterline Guide Idea - Thoughts?

Pex Waterline Guide Idea – Thoughts?

This little ABS piece keeps your waterlines at a consistent height and distance… what do you guys think? Attached Images Ped Lav Guide Install Pic.jpg (40.8 KB)

Is This Normal Install???

My builder mad mad mistake with the drain location, so they decided to fix by running the pipes across the 2×4 for 18 feet – see the attached images. I […]

Urgent, Please Help! Island Drain/vent Installed Correctly?

I have a contractor building a kichen island now and he supposed to build a vent loop. After breaking the concrete, he decided not to build the loop vent but […]

Should I Go Ahead And Replace Shower Valve If I’m Replacing Tile?

I’m going to replace the tile in a bathroom for my rental property. The house was built in 1971, and I’m assuming it is the original valve. Should I go […]