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Bad piece of PEX??

Bad piece of PEX??

See picture below – had a leak a few years ago and the plumber replaced the section with PEX. Redoing my bathroom, and going to sheetrock here now (vanity covers […]

Radiator only heats up when all others are turned off

Hi, I have a radiator upstairs which wont heat up unless I first close all other radiators off, even then it takes a while for it to heat up, I […]

Vacuum Breaker Replacement

I have an outside faucet that has a vacuum breaker on it. The vacuum breaker has faulted and needs to be replaced. The threads that attach to the faucet are […]

Need advise regarding drainage issue

Scenario – Two story townhome with laundry upstairs. There are two full baths (upstairs) and one half bath (downstairs). On two recent occasions, when the washing machine discharged the half […]

Permanently Install Countertop Dishwasher

I have a Danby (Model No. DDWD611WLED) countertop dishwasher with no hoses, and I have a dedicated water hook-up and drain for a washing machine in my kitchen. I would […]

Tap Valve Identification – Please Help

Hello, can someone help me identify this tap valve so I can buy a replacement? There is no identifications on the tap itself, only the sink says Kohler. I tried […]

DIY Timber Frame Panels

What good reasons are there for not fabricating your own (open) panels over time from monthly disposable income; then erecting the kit when it’s all made up? Accuracy, cost, storage, […]

Trace and Access advise and recommendation

Hi guys long story short, had a leak which was fixed broken water waste pipe loss adjuster used a restoration company who pumped the water out only to find more […]

Trace and Access?? need a recommendation

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Changing a light switch

Hello FYI I have very little knowledge of our house wiring circuitry so apologies if I make any mistakes. I’m trying to replace a light switch in our 6 year […]