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Channel Drain - Uneven Concrete Patio

Channel Drain – Uneven Concrete Patio

Hi all, I have a rear patio which is made up of concrete, it slopes towards the house and there is no drain. The water pools outside of the rear […]

Replacing garages – do i need planning perm?

Hi we have 2 large garages made from wood, they appear as square boxes on our land registry document. We would like to replace them with a new timber frame […]

Rusted screws

View attachment 98015 View attachment 98015 Hi, I am keen to replace the shower door (above bath) in my bathroom but the screws a rusted and I think need drilling […]

Multiple planning permissions

hi, I entered my planning application for development work a couple of years ago, at the time we were up against a large CIL payment for changing from commercial to […]

Thermostat shower valve makes noise

In our extended shower down stairs we fix thermostat shower valve. From few weeks it’s makes noise when I run hot water in upstairs shower it’s starts making sound. When […]

Gallow brackets – problems

Have had a set of gallow brackets installed in loft to support chimney stack so can take down the stack on ground and 1st floor. Have a few questions as […]

Need help with Honeywell stat

I have a Bryant mercury stat (part no. P271-3457). I want to replace it with Honeywell RTH6350. The interior unit of the heat pump has a silver sticker on the […]

Install new light help

View attachment 98066 View attachment 98067 Hi there. Just trying to fit new light could someone please tell me where I put the 5 wires what are in the line […]

drain clogged or vent issue?

Glad to join a forum like this, hopefully can get some help, as I’d like to fix this myself if possible. We recently (~8mo) purchased a single-story house built in […]

Water under outdoor AC pack, but also in condensate line?

Hello everyone: I have a combined 2.5 ton AC/Gas heat pack beside my house. Today I noticed that the condensation runoff from the evaporator coil seems to be coming out […]