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Compulsory CCTV Registration

Compulsory CCTV Registration

Are people generally aware that it will become necessary to register any CCTV system that looks outside one’s own property, e.g. the street? And there will be an annual fee […]

Another sofa can’t fit through the door – window option?

So we rushed to bid on a matching sofa on ebay for our ‘cuddle chair’, got it home, went to take it into the living room, but won’t get in. […]

How to remove metal insert from plastic Pipe

I have a plastic pipe used in a brass elbow compression fitting. The things leaking, so i’ve had to remove and replace but I don’t have much leeway and cannot […]

Surface water to foul OK?

Struggling to solve the problem of a waterlogged clay garden, I’m considering making use of the second connection on a new plastic gully which I intend to install in the […]

Increasing size of drill holes in tile

Hi, I have some holes in tiles that were drilled for studs to support some shelves. Unfortunately the holes are slightly too small for 5mm studs. What’s my best bet […]

Is this Dry-Rot? How serious is it?

I was just up in our loft when I noticed a few of the joists have these patches of white on them. I hadn’t noticed them before, but we haven’t […]

LED 2D Replacements

One of my 3500K 28W 2D’s has gone and another is on the way. I have three in total, in two separate bathrooms and would prefer warm white. Has anyone […]

Neighbour’s outbuilding not adhering to their planning permission

Hi All, Neighbour is building an outbuilding and has PP granted. The plans state the height to eaves is 2.3m and total height of the pitched roof is 4m. Work […]

France – Tempo Electricity Tariff Exploitation

Friend’s bungalow in France, wired by us but signed off properly & connected – no problems. We have a little gizmo, plugged into a mains socket that receives a signal […]

Replacing. Renault Scenic (2003)Tailgate

I have obtained a replacement from a breaker, it comes complete with all electrics and has a metre of wiring loom with socket on end. Can anyone tell me where […]