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Shower shock

Shower shock

Hi all, I’ve had a new 8.5kw shower installed recently and the water seems to be passing an electrical current which I checked with a diy voltage tester and its […]

4 gang? light switch replacement – rewire advice needed

I’m not sure I’ve even bought the correct replacement part… Old: New: Thanks

2 switches 1 light confusion

I have tried to change the switches in my hallway as we have just redecorated, the new ones were slightly different to the old ones on the inside. i cannot […]

Avoid/change agreement to build parking spaces

hello all, I’m trying to understand whether i can change an agreement that was made on a house I have bought, and avoid losing garden space, to parking space. I […]

kitchen square mitre and cornice

Im doing a kitchen refit. I got square edged 40mm worktops from a big shed. Two will meet in a corner. What’s best way to join. Butting them together or […]

Salamander rsp100 pump

Got a second hand salamander pump but can’t identify which is the hot end or does this not matter with this pump? As both side do the same, don’t they? […]

Electrical Disaster Recovery

Hello All, After a power cut in my garage conversion (done some 10+ years ago by the owners-before-previous) and an examination into the electrics, I discovered a right disaster, posted […]

Another sofa can’t fit through the door – window option?

So we rushed to bid on a matching sofa on ebay for our ‘cuddle chair’, got it home, went to take it into the living room, but won’t get in. […]

Where to start tiling

Hello everyone Really appreciate some advice. I have a small en-suite approx. 6′ 6” square immediately to the left as you walk in through the door is the window approx […]

Pipe running over electric cable in chunking

Is it ok for a water pipe to cross over the top of a electrical cable ran in plastic chunking?