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Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box

Should have taken a before photo of the horizontal dishwasher discharge. Attached Thumbnails      

Really old closet flange

Almost finished a complete bathroom remodel. Tile floor already installed and painting complete. Going to install toilet and realize this is the flange I have to work with (see pictures). […]

Help with venting

I moved a bathroom to a new bigger room and I’m turning it into a 4 piece. These is how i am doing my drains. The toilet and the tub […]

Flint moves on lead problems, And how!

Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder announced a plan to deal with the city of Flint’s lead issues. After much study, they determined that replacing the infrastructure would cost too much […]

3 way valve issues

Our 3 way valve has been causing all sorts of issues for a while now. It was a Danfoss HSA3. The spindle had seized and was leaking. So I removed […]

Its that day again…………

Well its April 1st………….April Fools Day…so what do you have planned and on who????:laughing:

Price for new oil boiler, good or bad?

Hi our oil fired boiler has given up the ghost, it had a good life but it’s now going to the place dead boilers go. So I have had a […]

Rigid and mineral cavity fill

Can both rigid and mineral cavity batts be used in the same cavity, so for example 125mm cavity 75mm kingspan 50mm dritherm? The mineral batt would keep the pir tight […]

Grants vortex combi

Hi I have hot water but no heating. I’ve changed the pump but still nothing. It works fine when I plug it into a plug top I’ve checked the check […]

Central Heating Repair

Hi All, I need some advice. I thought my boiler was leaking so I asked the bloke that installed it (20 months ago) to come out and have a look. […]