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Screen popped out of spline in one spot

Screen popped out of spline in one spot

I hope I am posting this in the right section. I’ve never done screen door repair before but I have seen people do it and I feel it shouldn’t be […]

Roofing Repairs Gone Bad?

Good Afternoon! I am just posting to get some opinions. I recently had a small issue when a storm came through and ripped up some of my flashing that connected […]

Trying to add a new receptacle for vent hood

So I’m glad to join but new to the forum, and have a question been noodling around for over a week without success. House has a circuit which includes the […]

Light to replace ceiling fan

Help if you can/will please. I have pulled down a ceiling fan with light kit. It was switched from either of two wall switches. I want to replace it with […]

One side of double sink backing up

In the pic there is silver piping running to the disposer on the left side sink. The white piping runs up to a sink that has a dish dryer in […]

M12 snake

Seen this today…2-drain-snake/

Comcast Contacts

Hey. Haven’t been here in a while. Got a little problem. I use Comcast email on my computer. My contacts don’t match my “TO” and”CC” buttons. Half my contacts aren’t […]

1 bed flat, no gas, under sink water heaters to replace immersion tank?

I own a1 Bed flat runs on eco 7, storage heaters, with a shower that heats water instantly. theres no room to really put a bath in so thats not […]

Remote crapped out again.

Emailed the owner and service manager last Saturday. No response. Called and left a message for service manager today. No response. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

How to fix yellow patches in grass?

Can someone tell me how to fix my grass. There are these yellow patches. 20160401_1100e.jpg –