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ICOS/Ideal HE18 Hot Water but No Heating

ICOS/Ideal HE18 Hot Water but No Heating

I have an ICOS Ideal HE18. Got up this morning to NO HEATING but water is working fine. I’ve done as much checking as I can – I’m no expert. […]

??? New Well, H202 Planned, PEX vs. Copper

Had well drilled a year ago, turned out to be over 20gpm at 125′ and artesian, over-flowing casing some times of year. Driller advised against quality testing for several months, […]

Need Help! Does this gas/water pipe installation have problem?

I signed a contract to buy a new home several weeks ago which is still under construction. Last Sunday I went to the house and noticed the plumbing work is […]

Knipex Pliers

I’m looking at getting some new pliers and I’m sold on the Knipex. I’ve talked to a few guys and they love them. What I’m debating between is the regular […]

Pressure assist vs gravity flush ?

Just trying to get opinions and recommendations. Pros and cons. I’ve personally never cared for pressure assist toilets. Had a customer at a medical facility requesting them. I talked them […]

Home Run System with Manifolds

I’m building a new house and am planning on doing a Pex “Home Run” system with individual water lines serving each fixture in the house. It’s a small house with […]

Rigid k-30

I’ve seen them at Home Depot. Anyone use them?? Look like it might be ok for a tub or lab drain. They are pretty affordable.


I know some of you are using tablets in the field, but besides Ipad, which tablets are you guys having the best luck with? Got a piece of crap in […]

Advertising on facebook

Has it worked for you? Do you have any advice/suggestions about advertising with them.

Any fellow Ontario plumbers?

I’m a plumbing apprentice with my G2. I was wondering if there are many other fellow Ontario, Canada plumbers out there on this forum?