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Most common boilers?

Most common boilers?

Hi Guys, I’m new to the Hydronics scene here in Ontario Canada and I was wondering what were the most common brands and types of boilers you come across in […]

M20 panels or resilient bars?

Hi, I need to sound proof a party wall (with chimney breast on it) & cant afford to loose very much space (same as everyone doing this I assume). The […]

Toughened windows below what height?

Below what height must we have toughened windows on the first and second floor of a house because I have seen and heard different heights depending where I look. Is […]

Insulation thickness

I want to convert the part of the garage that is integral to the house to a utility room. It is currently a double garage and a quarter of it […]

Accenta G4 – defunct?

Hello there, sorry, DIY novice with very little experience here so please excuse my stupid question! I was wondering whether I could get an opinion on an Accenta G4 alarm […]

shower control

Hi all, New to the forum so hello. My problem started two days ago and is as follows, the shower on / off control knob has become easier than normal […]

Virgin TV Cable Wall Socket

I am having my lounge plastered in 2 weeks and wanted to know if its possible to have a socket with wall plate installed on the wall to hide the […]

Snickers Rip Off

This applies to other snack multipacks, I’m sure. Mrs Secure has just come back with a 4 pack of Snickers. Now, many multipacks have the single item reduced in weight, […]

What to do about paving slabs in living room?

Hi guys, after pulling my carpet up ready for some new laminate flooring to be laid down, I discovered that there was not a concrete floor. What was left were […]

Lights gone out

Ok….. Last night most of the downstairs lights suddenly went out. I checked the trip switch and it hasn’t tripped. Today I have swapped the trip switch with the upstairs […]