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Who you gonna call?

Who you gonna call?

I have for a few years now been repairing, (rather than restoring), a three story Victorian house. I am going to fix the entire top floor as the next project. […]

Novice Texecom Veritas Excel Install

I’ve just installed a Texecom Veritas Excel, 8 zones (zone 1 uses magnetic door contacts for front and back door, rest are PIR’s), 2 remote keypads, external bell box and […]

Safe to screw in a M10 screw hook into 30mm joist?

As the subject line says I would like to screw a M10 hook into a 30mm thick joist in the loft. I want to screw 2 hooks into separate joists […]

Breaking down fences, throwing rocks, demanding entry ……

BBC news chanel….. video…….. Who do these migrants think they are, trying to force their way in. Anywhere else they’d be called rioters. I can see this escalating, pretty soon […]

Old UPVC Fan Window Won’t Open

On old UPVC fan window, the handle turns all the way round but the window won’t open. Suspect the mechanism has gone. Really don’t want to replace the window. Just […]

Furry dishwashers

hi all, I’m looking for an integrated dishwasher. I’ve had these in the past and they were in a steel or plastic enclosure, same as a freestanding one, only of […]

Private Sale In A Public Place

We are trying to sell our heated, vibrating, reclining couch and have put it up for sale on a local selling app. The issue is that, the rules of the […]

Rockwool fibre insulation v Cellotex boards

Hi All, I appreciate that neither Cellotex or Rockwool loft insulation are designed for acoustic purposes; they are thermal insulations. With that declaration in place, I need to understand which […]

knotting solution showing through paint

On some new pine skirting boards as part of a general room upgrade I used 2 applications of Wickes knotting solution on knots, then 1x Zinnser Bullseye and 2x Dulux […]

How to Stop condensation in out door building

I have recently moved in to a new house and in the garden is a well built garden shed 8M x 4M. It was built with stud work /flat felt […]