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Setting a toilet on a wood floor

Setting a toilet on a wood floor

Going to set a bowl in a late 18th century masterpiece soon. Place is so old I think cast iron hadn’t been invented yet. How obsessive compulsive is it to […]

Cry Baby customers

:furious: Now (EX) customer e-mailed me today with a picture of a crack in his sink that he claims I caused by unstopping the drain (hair in pop up) How […]

Hi there!

Hi there, I just found this site while looking for plumbing forums online, and I’m excited to be here. My business is Curtis Plumbing, a Tucson plumbing company. We’ve been […]

Kitchen sink supply stub out. Wall VS Floor

I have a kitchen down to the studs. I am going to be getting new cabinets and I am wondering if there is any advantages to running the water supply […]


Got a estimate to do for 60 water meters in a mobile home park. Every imaginable connection is there from garden hoses to 3/4 copper. Anyone do something similar?

Gas leak ?

Hi all I have had a gas check done on a property and it passed A week or so later when nothing has been used at property either hob or […]

Balancing Valve – do not adjust

Hello, I’m hoping someone can help me put right a big booboo I’ve made with my hot-water system. Whilst trying to isolate the hot-water I turned a red stop-cock next […]

Another hole in per pipe,why is this happening???

Got call last sat. Said mobile home had leak on hot water line at water heater,went there and found a small hole in the red pex line right below water […]

Warranty Start Date?

If you buy goods on-line and they are delivered at a later date, when does the warranty period start? The day of purchase or day of delivery?

installing 2x new floodlight together

i have a double socket in my living room. can i just use flexi T &E and extend it from the socket,put a switch then extend it to connect 2 […]