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Need help with seasnake selection

Need help with seasnake selection

I do not do much drain cleaning but would like to be able to have a camera and a seasnake.Been looking on ebay,i usually don’t deal with anything bigger than […]

Worcester 28i RSF Mystery – help please

Hi everyone. First post as I’ve run out of ideas and would welcome knowledge from the collective brain please. My Worcester 28i RSF boiler will only continously fire hot water […]

What is this called and how is it used?

Never seen this before Attachment 72321 Attached Thumbnails  

Lights are not showing on panel

Hello to all My boiler is an Ariston Euro combi A23. Central Heating worked OK, but did not use for a while due to unusual good temperature. All of a […]

Reply To: What is the best brand of boiler

The existing boiler is Ferroli which i have never heard of. How much is it going to be to swap it roughly? I am on quite a tight budget. There […]

What is the best brand of boiler

Hello, need some advice, we have just taken ownership of a two bed flat. The current boiler is a combi I think? Fires up when I turn the hot water […]

Reply To: Alternatives to storage heaters.

I wouldn’t bother with eko-rads as the claimed benefits are way exadurated. Try the far infrared. You can get a 10yr warranty on these products from infared for homes