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Plumbing and Heating Advice

Grohe pressure balance

Grohe pressure balancing cartridge replaced,still low pressure at head,took back and flushed body out,put test nipple w/snifter on sh head and backfed riser…still not much pressure…service stops are quarter turn […]

Question on how I’ve looped the pex lines

I’ve got my rough-in inspection for a bathroom on Tuesday. I’m wondering about how I’ve done the supply lines. I used rigid 3/4 pex to bring the water to the […]

Globe Valve Parts

Is there a source for the compression fiber washer on a globe valve?

HELP please. Hot Water Heater needs new Thermocouple….

hello, I have a 3 year old model #153331840 Sears Kenmore Gas water heater, and the hot water isnt working, it seems to be the thermocouple. I need Part #: […]

What is this loop under my kitchen sink? RO Feed to Fridge?

Hi there, I’m going to be moving a couple of plumbing stubs to move my kitchen sink cabinet. Under the sink, there is a copper pipe than comes out of […]

Single Sink to Double sink plumbing in bathroom

I’ve read through many threads on this site about his topic but none have completely clarified the proper way to fix the problem I’m encountering. Trying to upgrade from a […]

Shower Vent and Tie in

Hi, I had my town inspector out and he wants a dry vent on the shower and Wye connector from the main trunk. My question is can I use a […]

Moving washer drain and lines

Hey ladies and gents, I could really use some plumbing advise. I live in Miami, Florida and purchased a first floor condo. The unit was constructed in 1981. in the […]

6″ copper question

I have worked with plenty of 4″ copper but never touched 6″. Customer needs pvc replaced and wants copper. Pipe serves a cooling tower. Is soldering 6″ recommended or does […]

Neighbours garage on my land

So i have a parking space out the back of my property (separated by a path and stairs down to road level) and i’m wanting to build a garage on […]